Tory has been writing and developing content for ten years for clients who include Anonymous Content, Lionsgate,  Fremantle Media, Major League Baseball, Ford Motor Company, A&E, and…READ MORE

“…We’re left with a reveal of our hero literally sitting at the epicenter of his imagination: just behind home plate on a baseball field.”

Daniel is an up and coming entertainment industry writer gathering heat in the trades due to his versatile skill with action, drama, and comedy styles. His first script debuted on the Blacklist  … READ MORE

“Falling in love is all about the details. How the light hits her face at a particular moment. The way your hands find each other on a walk…”

Max Kortlander is an American writer currently residing in Amsterdam. He got his start as an editorial intern for Canteen Magazine and The Tottenville Review… READ MORE

…We’ll approach the village as a small family of visitors, not a big film production, getting to know everybody and developing a rapport.” 


 Mimi Tinker has been writing long and short form entertainment projects for both American and international markets for over ten years.  READ MORE

“Power. Class.  Speed.  Elegance.  The Porsche 911 is a world-renowned car, and the fastest highways in the world were built for it. How many others can show up with all that caché?…”

Lori Collins is a versatile writer who began her entertainment career on the Second City Main Stage, and wrote for Saturday Night Live … READ MORE

“We want to evoke specific flavors—buttery dough steamed to perfection, a calculated sprinkling of salt, and the final note of subtle sweetness…””